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Fyke Nets are a fish trap that is set in relatively shallow water. They have rectangular, d-frame, or square frames on the front, and round hoops behind them. These nets are used with a leader or wings (large guiding panels made from netting) or both off the mouth of the trap to lead or guide fish into. Nets typically have 2 or 3 trapping mechanisms per net. The fish enter the nets voluntarily and have a hard time escaping. These nets are typically checked once or twice in 24 hours and set back in the same location using poles or an anchor to set them back in place. Nets can be used in conjunction with other Fyke nets.

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Handling: Nets are usually handled by hand. A small boat may or may not be needed.

AFS style Fyke Nets: AFS Style Fyke nets have two 3’ tall x 6’ wide frames. Frames are typically made with cold-rolled steel or EMT Conduit. Fiberglass and stainless steel are used for salt or brackish water applications. Four hoops behind them. Hoops are made of steel or fiberglass. Fiberglass is used in saltwater or brackish conditions. AFS styles have 2 or 3 trapping mechanisms. They are used in conjunction with a leader.

Duluth Nets Specializes in custom made Fyke and AFS style Fyke nets

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