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Experimental or multi-panel gill nets are used to “gill” fish of different sizes and species. These nets are used primarily for research purposes and prove to be effective for sampling. Constructed using multiple panels of monofilament or multifilament gill netting in a single net. Panels are hand-sewn together with twine going from the top line to the bottom line. The gill nets are tied to a top rope or float line and a bottom rope or a lead line with side ropes weaved at both ends of the nets. These nets should be checked multiple times a day as they can cause mortality to the fish if left too long.

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Handling: Nets are handled by hand. A small boat is usually needed.

AFS style gill nets: These experimental gill nets are 80’ Long x 6’ Deep. These nets contain Eight 10’ Long Square mesh sizes in this order; 1-1/2” .33mm, 2-1/4” .40mm, 1” .28mm, 1-3/4” .33mm, ¾” .28mm, 2-1/2” .40mm, 1-1/4” .28mm, 2” .33mm. They have 3/8” foam-core top rope and a #30LB lead-core bottom rope. The sidelines are made with 1/8” solid-braid nylon. Nets are hung and spliced with #9 twine. There are two add-on nets to this style net. Both are 30’ Long x 6’ Deep. The first one is a small mesh panel net. Netting follows in Square mesh size in a .28mm: 3/8”, ½”, 5/8”.  The second one is a large mesh panel net. Netting follows in Square mesh size in a .52mm: 3”, 3-1/2”, 4”. These add-on nets can be constructed as one net or separate panels.

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