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Seine nets are used to surround, cradle, and capture fish. They are typically used by two or more people or run with boats by dragging them along the bottom of water to the shore where you can pull in the edges and remove the fish. They can be constructed with different mesh sizes, depths and lengths depending on what species or body of water you deploy them, seines when used should be 1/3 longer and 1/3 deeper than the body of water you are using them. Seines are built to float on the top so fish can’t get over them but also heavy enough on the bottom so fish can’t swim under them.

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Handling: Beach seines are handled by two or more people or machinery depending on the body of water and size of the seine. Purse seines are used in larger bodies of water by larger vessels. They have rings on the bottom and a gathering rope. They will circle an area and pull the bottom shut. Gathering the bottom of the net to the surface first, forcing the fish into a bowl-shaped area of the net. In special scenarios, cranes will sometimes be used to hoist the large net from the water.

Custom Seine Options: There are different material options such as netting, floats, ropes, leads, lead-core, bags in seines, and floats and weights around the bag. There are many different options.

Duluth Nets Specializes in standard and custom made Seines

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