FEED – Fisheries Environment for Electronic Data

FEED is a Windows based platform for field and laboratory data acquisition. FEED integrates data from measuring boards, scales, tag readers, GPS, or any COM, TCP, or UDP device. FEED prints labels for saved tissues.

Data are stored in a bespoke MS Access data base customized to your workflow. Networked computers send data to a shared data base from multiple workstations.

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FEED is a full featured electronic data acquisition program. Working on Windows tablets, laptops or desktop computers, FEED collects data from any external device (all known brands of electronic measuring boards, scales, tag readers, GPS, etc.). FEED saves your field or laboratory data into an MS Access data base which is backed up at any interval and to any location you choose. The data base is customized to your specific project(s).

Customized automatic error checking routines can be incorporated into any FEED application. Check SL/FL/TL or length/weight measurements against known regressions. Check species-specific min/max values for any parameter. Drop-down boxes can limit context-specific choices. Missing values can be flagged for immediate attention. Think of an error checking routine and if it can be programmed into an Access query then FEED can implement it.

Do you have multiple workup procedures for different species or different size/age classes? FEED automatically guides users through the proper sequences.

Do you need to keep track of saved sample quotas (e.g scales or otoliths)? FEED can do it for you.

Do you need to print labels for saved tissue samples? FEED does it for you.

Do you have multiple workup stations? Network the computers together and FEED can send all the data into a single shared data base.

Do you need to collect data from a NMEA (GPS) data stream? FEED can record either single-point or continuous readings.

Do you just need to manually enter data without connecting to any external devices? No problem.

Contact Information

Christopher Bonzek
Email: feedapps.net@gmail.com
Phone: (804) 815-2111


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