Yatrafish Application

This is an application written for use on Android phones and tablets that allows the user to collect georeferenced field data.

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This application collects georeferenced field data in a Sqlite database. Data is entered by selecting attributes from three dropdown boxes, (Species, Location, and Sampler) that are user editable, then initiating a count event to create a record. An additional comments field is also available to store up to 512 characters to further describe that record.
Counts are made by pressing graphical buttons on the display with defined values for fast data entry. An additional 10-key popup keypad is available for more precise counts if time permits. Total cumulative counts for the subset of dropdown fields selected are shown in the “Total Number Counted” field. An additional tracklog feature is available that records latitude, longitude, satellite time, device time, and altitude at user defined intervals.
Collected data may be reviewed on the Data Table tab. Individual records selected on this tab are loaded into the Data Edit tab where values may be updated as needed.
The GPS Data tab shows current latitude, longitude, satellite time, satellites in view, satellites in use, as well as altitude, signal accuracy, and speed with all three in both metric and English units.

Complete instructions may be found here and downloaded as a PDF:

Contact Information

Glenn Hollowell
Phone: (907) 491-3560
Email: glenn@blepsias.net


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