Streetlight Data

Streetlight provides detailed mobility metrics used to identify travel patterns, number of travelers, and length of trips without the need to install any hardware, or software.  Not sure if it is for you?  Reach out for a free analysis.

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Since 2011, Streetlight has harnessed hundreds of transportation data sources to offer a deep, empirical understanding of how North America’s roads, sidewalks and transit interact.
As we continue to incorporate new data sources, new transportation modes, and changing travel patterns, you can expect recent, reliable, and comprehensive insights for any road and any mode of travel — without the added cost or delay of physical sensors and manual surveys.
That means you can access the standard transportation metrics you rely on — like roadway volumes, origin/destination of trips, length of trips, and traveler metrics — in a matter of minutes or hours instead of weeks, months, or years.  Better, these are validated metrics with bias.
Access our self-serve web platform, StreetLight InSight®, to analyze and visualize travel patterns 24/7 — in your parks, roadways, or entire watershed areas.
Contact Information
Nicholas Minunni
Phone: (516) 699-2275


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