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DCSLinkstream is a user-friendly data-gathering application made for fish.  DCSLinkstream runs on low-cost waterproof tablets like the Samsung Active Tab series.

DCSLinkstream can be used without connected peripherals.  Optionally, adding the following peripherals can make data-gathering even more streamlined:

  • DCS5 fish-measurement board
  • weight-scales
  • PIT readers
  • GPS receivers
  • Barcode scanners
  • Label printers

DCSLinkstream is offered at a low monthly per-user cost, with no up-front fees.  A 30-day fully functional trial period is included with the installer.

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DCSLinkstream from Big Fin Scientific is a low-cost, data-gathering application made specifically for fish.

  • Connect a DCS5 fish-board, a weight scale, PIT reader, barcode scanner and sample-label printer, concurrently, over Bluetooth.
  • Print labels for bio-samples directly from DCSLinkstream, on demand.
  • Pull up a full historical record of every encounter with a particular PIT tag.
  • Pre-load a PIT-tag Action List, with actions to be performed for each PIT tag or group of tags, as they’re encountered.
  • Assign attributes to batches of fish, independent but linked to their individual attributes.
  • Easily create custom pick-list fields.
  • Share Study designs with colleagues – everyone can take data the same way.
  • Real-time Tally and Calculation fields give you feedback as you’re taking data.
  • Fish individuals are assigned a Global Unique ID, useful for traceability with bio-samples and data archives.
  • Runs on low-cost Android tablets such as the waterproof Samsung Active Tab series.

Please contact Big Fin Scientific to receive more information about the DCS5 boards and DCSLinkstream.

Contact Information

Chris Carroll
Phone: (512) 808-0346


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