CQ Foods, Inc.’s Certified Quality Reader (CQR)

The Certified Quality Reader (CQR) is a hand-held device that can instantly, accurately, and objectively measure the quality of food and animals’ health.

The Certified Quality Reader (CQR) utilizes Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to measure cells’ electrical properties. This technology is FDA approved for human use to measure body fat and body composition. The hardware, firmware, and software have adapted to measure animals’ health and quality of protein foods such as chicken and fish. This water-resistant hand-held unit is an FDA Class II medical device designed and built in an ISO 13485 facility. It is both durable and reliable. Ultimately, the CQR can measure anything with cells.

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Certified Quality Foods, Inc.

With over 30 years of operational and product development experience, in conjunction, with more than 15 years of research experience, CQ Foods, Inc is leading innovation breakthroughs in the seafood industry. Our experience has given us the privilege of publishing and peer-reviewing several scientific publications in the bio-impedance space.

The primary purpose of CQ Foods, Inc. is the delivery of bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) systems for use on various animals and foods. In addition to the hardware, custom dashboards help simplify reporting and data analysis.

Early work at CQ Foods, Inc. included measuring the fat content of live Alaskan salmon as they ran up the river, without harming the fish. The innovation of using BIA to measure compositional components in fish that include fat, protein, water, dry, ash, and energy content, and relating these measures with the condition was a breakthrough in non-invasive animal health monitoring.

We at CQ Foods, Inc have been honored to chair national and international symposia meetings and support many graduate students at several major universities. All change starts with educating others. We work with many industries, governments, Sea Grant Universities, and non-profit’s to enable BIA technology to improve quality, enhance knowledge, increase transparency, and increase profits.

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Chuck Anderson
Email: info@SeafoodAnalytics.com
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