ETS Electrofishing Systems ABP-4 Backpack Electrofishing System

The new ETS ABP-4 system looks and operates the same as our former ABP-3 model, but has state of the art power electronics for improved efficiency, performance, and reliability. Now with 50 percent more power capability and peak current up to 40 amps, the ABP-4 is capable of shocking over a wide range of water conductivities.  We have also made recent improvements to our anode poles and other accessories. Our backpack units feature precision controls that allow for single unit setting of rate, duty cycle, and voltage with accurate peak metering. The ABP-4 unit uses lightweight and economical 12V batteries. The total weight of the ABP-4 backpack system including the frame, straps, and battery is under 20 lbs for reduced fatigue in the field.

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