ETS Electrofishing Systems Trident Series Electrofishing Control Box

The ETS Electrofishing Trident Series Control Box is a 240V standard generator-powered electrofishing system designed as a high-powered, easy-to-use solution for sampling over a wide range of water conductivities.

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The ETS Trident Series Control Boxes have identical performance in moderate to high conductivity  as our MBS Series Control Boxes, but have a third higher voltage range for low conductivity work. This allows the Trident to effectively electrofish in almost all fresh water bodies. ETS boat control boxes are commonly set up to operate with the quiet Honda 7000i 240V generator but can also be set up to run on smaller 120V generators for small boat or raft use. Two generators can be operated in parallel for additional power. Our boat units feature simple and fast precision control of rate, duty cycle, and voltage with peak voltage and peak current meters.  An optional peak power meter is also available. The Trident series units can be configured with pulsed-DC, AC, and other waveforms. Weighing only 38lbs, the control box can be easily removed from the boat for safe storage and our customizable design allows for easy retrofit into existing electrofishing boats.

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