Eureka MantaPlus Water Probes

Eureka Water Probes manufactures the MantaPlus and Trimeter multiprobes for water quality monitoring. These water quality sondes may be equipped with your choice of sensors, including temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH/ORP, conductivity, TDG, turbidity, depth, ISE’s, blue green algae and chlorophyll, as well as other specialty sensors such as PAR, and fluorometers for dye tracing and detecting oil in water. For more information please contact, or call 512-302-4333, Ext 1.

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Eureka Water Probes specializes in the design and manufacture of multiparameter water quality sondes, offering the largest selection of sensor technologies in the industry. Known for unsurpassed reliability and robustness, Eureka MantaPlus and Trimeter multiprobes are used for discrete sampling, as self-powered loggers, for connection to data stations, and for process control via built-in Modbus capability. Eureka’s innovative mobile apps with Bluetooth connectivity for iOS and Android make data transfer via email fast and easy! Turn-key telemetry solutions with continuous real-time data in the cloud help ensure that long-term monitoring projects are efficient and more easily managed. Offering easy-to-use water quality instruments and software, backed by market-leading customer support, remains our sole focus.


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