Fishiding Fish Habitat in Barrels

Each completed Barrel habitat is unique and one of a kind, just like we find in nature. Colorful, abstract and always welcoming, fish gravitate into the thousands of individual crevices provide within the intricate and ever changing, detail.

Waves, current, slope or fishing pressure will not pull these magnum sized fish habitat barrel attractor units from their roots on the lake floor. Low center of gravity with wispy, rigid and flexible branches, flow with any outside forces brought upon them. PVC structure designs with a multitude of complexity in size, shape and densities, create the best and most utilized fish attractors.

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Barrels full of fish, barrel fish habitat with fish hiding spots and ultra dense cover, hit the water for 2021 with unmatched variety, complexity and unlimited flexibility. Ready to sink in minutes, no assembly, materials or additional tools needed, roll into water to and fish! Artificial fish habitat now in barrels large enough to hold a family of fish!

Large footprint and extreme weight hold these towering creations in one place forever. Installation is a breeze. You can simply drag or carry them with the incorporated handles, or use a two wheel dolly cart. Once in the boat, pontoon or on the dock, you can roll them around on edge and push it into the water. It stands up no matter what, on slopes and current areas.

Tested, approved and installed by Fisheries Professionals across the nation. The long term solution to keeping tall, dense cover for the fish in one spot forever.

Shallow water barrels

Mid depth barrels

Tall tree fish habitat barrels

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