Fishiding Fortress Self Opening Fish habitat

This entirely self opening fish crib, will create a living piece of cover in just a matter of days. Nothing to do but toss in water from about two to six feet deep and enjoy what comes next. Fish of all types, fry and forage species will flourish in the protective all PVC limbs.

Just add water and this model will grow food, grow fish and grow very old. Smooth and snag free, this model almost looks to good to plant in the lake instead of the yard………….no shovel needed!

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We have opened a new chapter in the artificial habitat handbook with a whole new set of possibilities in fisheries management. This first of it’s kind Fortress of cover, unfolds itself straight out of the box and comes ready to landscape your underwater terrain. With unlimited variation, density and abstract shapes, this dense shallow water fish cover will protect your fisheries investment.

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Although this unit has no set up and can be installed directly out of the box, you can always pinch and bend any of the material to a shape you like most. The strong but flexible material holds up to any abuse by nature, fish and fisherman. The various thickness, size and height of the pieces, combine to protect virtually all sizes and types of aquatic creatures.

Always made from pre-consumer 100% PVC scrap, these vinyl pieces look and flow underwater like actual plants. The seven different styles of cuts and textures allow young of the year fishes, countless small hiding places for protection. Standing over 40″ tall and opening to over six feet wide, this stable self contained habitat unit will last forever, protecting and growing more young fish.

Affected by gravity above water laying almost flat, these self contained and colorful condos of cover become weightless underwater. Flowing back and forth with waves and current, the limbs hover inches above the lake floor, creating the important basement level. One of five shallow water fish attractors, these littoral zone fish habitat units will protect your investment from predation.

Three separate integrated containers, each containing unique textures and lengths of flexible PVC vinyl, blend together to create this new burst of infinite tight hiding spaces for smaller fish. (FISHIDING) The textured finish of the material allows algae and periphyton to attach readily on the substantially flat limb. In turn, the smaller fish graze on this important food source, allowing them to grow to a proper size for larger fish.

The Fortess fish habitat models stands 40 inches tall in the eight inch base when installed as arrives, or can be bent down shorter if desired. Remove the twist ties and this 15 pound unit opens to a full six foot diameter, with hundreds of separate strands and limbs to protect the fish, totaling approximately 85 square feet of surface area.

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