Fishiding Habitat Legacy Mat Twin Pack

Interchangeable layout and design, hand placed variety with tightly packed centers, the fully completed Legacy Fish Habitat Units drop directly into the compartments inside the weighted Legacy Habitat Mats, friction fitting and forming a large, low profile cluster of cover in the layout that you create. Each habitat unit comes in it’s own black “stump like” base. Slide the assembled mats off your dock, install them from a small boat or wade them directly into the shallows. Mix up profile types and give the fish the infinite options they need to stay protected and survive.

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We are proud to announce our newest Fishiding artificial fish habitat placement system called the Legacy Habitat Mat, designed for shallow water, sloped and high pressure aquatic areas. Shorelines with heavy wave action, boating pressure and down right nasty conditions need spots for the fish to use for refuge too. With smaller fish enhancement and protection in mind, they are super easy to assemble and install with the drop in place, step and sink Legacy Habitat Units. Keeping an entire forest of cover intact and in the zone has never been so simple. Bend to shape PVC materials, proven to protect and grow more fish and never, any needed tools or supplies. Patented weight disbursement, allows the complex, densely packed and massive variety of shallow water habitat units, to be contained together into a myriad of fish friendly protection.


Unlike our larger, robust and heavier Modular Habitat Mats, The Legacy Habitat Mat System is different in a number of important ways. At only 12 pounds per completed Legacy Habitat Unit and 60 pounds for the Legacy Mat itself, they are easy to handle in pieces and carry. Unable to be stacked and placed on all six sides like the bigger 240 pound modular mats, the Legacy system allows ultimate mobility. By selecting the layout and density you want, it gives you the choice to create your own underwaterscape habitat design, unique and one of a kind, with unlimited options the others just can’t. Capable of supporting hundreds of pounds, attaching additional habitat materials and other objects is a breeze, giving the fish all they need. wood, gravel, logs and brush can all be placed and fastened upon the Legacy Mats.

Current flows, dropping water levels and steep slopes create tough conditions to keep habitat products intact, upright and in place. Theft/destruction, wave action, boating pressure and fisherman all take a toll on fish habitat structures, both natural and artificial. The new Legacy Habitat Mats have individually created, interchangeable components that stay together and intact, creating a myriad of abstract variety of artificial fish habitat. These densely packed reclaimed PVC habitat units, allow you to install multiple types and pieces together, forming a large and solid, stable, heavy habitat module that won’t move or breakdown after install. Small enough for one person to install, large enough to stay in place forever.

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