Halltech HT2000 Lithium Ion Backpack Electrofishing Kit

Halltech has be supplying Fisheries Professionals the world over with reliable solutions for the research and management of our aquatic environments for over 30 years. The HT2000 is an affordable and reliable Backpack Electrofisher that meets and exceeds all aspects of the Electrofishing Guidelines.

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The HT2000 battery and electrical circuits are contained in a hermetically sealed, rugged case, integrated on our non-conductive and comfortable backpack frame. Our unique telescoping anode pole with crutch-style handle allows hours of fatigue free use … even in strong current! Four other anode pole styles are available as well.

Our Battery Powered HT2000 Backpack Electrofisher includes:
— 3 Piece Anode pole (77523P)
— 11″ Adjustable Anode Ring (77525-11-3P)
— Cathode Tail (77524CT)
— Two 29V 10Ah Lithium Batteries (77521L)
— 29.4V 2A Li ion charger (77522L)
— 1650NF, WL/NF, Black Pelican case with handles and wheels (1650-021-110)
** All products come with the unit are customizable.


Our Electrofishers can be adapted to many applications (Electro -Anesthesia / Narcosis, Jon Boat and Tote Barge conversion kits) that make them ideal collection tools for any number of aquatic species. Please call us to discuss your research requirement and if we can not help you, we may know someone who can.

Contact Information

Murray Hall
Email: mhall@htex.com
Phone: (519) 766-4568

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