Halltech OSMOS Backpack and Bench Top eDNA Sampler

Halltech is pleased to introduce the OSMOS eDNA sampler! An extremely rugged and reliable system for collection of eDNA in remote locations.
OSMOS- EDNA sampler includes:

  • Battery powered Backpack
  • 4-12′ Telescoping Pole with tripod and pivot clamp
  • Two 29.4 V Lithium-Ion Power Packs
  • Smart Charger
  • Rugged Field case with wheels
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The Halltech OSMOS eDNA Sampling Kit is the most reliable, versatile and user friendly product on the market for the collection of water / sludge samples for the detection of aquatic species DNA. Parameters like volume, flow, pressure and temperature can be pre-set and/or monitored on the bright easy to read LCD.

Our aluminum filter housings can be sterilize and re-used for many years which greatly reduce the long term cost of sampling but also keeps single use plastics out of our landfills.

Our samplers and built for year round research and any weather. For Sub-Zero sampling simply enable the internal heating system and carry on! All systems our powered by our unique 24 volt 10 Ahr Lithium Ion power pack for a full day in the field.


The OSMOS is easily adapted to any boat for deep water species sampling as well.

Our newest advancement is the development of a conversion kit for bench top sampling in a lab or on board a research vessel where 120 volt AC is available.

Contact Information

Murray Hall
Email: mhall@htex.com
Phone: (519) 766-4568 Ext. 24

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