Hinchinbrook Electronic Fish Measuring Board

Our SciElex Measuring Board offers an unparalleled option for the rapid and accurate collection of fish length or other measurement data in field and laboratory environments. Equipped with both RS232 and Bluetooth, and configured as a standard keyboard, the measuring board can be paired with virtually any data collection device and operating system, and is easily combined with a range of peripherals for additional data collection, including our optional PIT tag reader that allows easy integration of your fish tagging program using our External PIT Tags.

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Potential Applications Include:

  • Field Based fisheries research
  • Creel surveys
  • Aquaculture and hatchery operations
  • Fish marking and tagging metadata collection
  • Fish growth and movement studies
  • Fishery and bycatch observer data collection
  • Easily customized for many other scientific applications…


  • Highly accurate measurement with a single tap- avoid costly data transcription errors
  • Significant improvements in efficiency for high volume measurements
  • Fully ruggedized to IP66 standards
  • Industrial linear position sensor
  • Wireless bluetooth syncs just like a standard keyboard for easy data entry to any compatible device
  • RS232 connection for add-on peripherals or connection to older devices
  • Standard lengths of 40cm, 90cm, and 120cm, customizable to other lengths
  • Internal NiMh battery provides up tot 40 hrs continuous use
  • Optional integrated PIT Tag Reader

Contact Information

Keith van den Broek
Email: keith@hinchinbrookei.com
Phone: (509) 885-8032


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