Jonah Ventures JonahWater Aquatic Environmental DNA Kit

Using the JonahWater aquatic environmental DNA kit, you can reconstruct aquatic assemblages in your study site with a single sample of water! Use our kits to filter water at a site, send the filter to us, and we’ll sequence the DNA and do the lab work for you. In a few weeks, we can tell you the species of fish and algae that live in your water body.

Get in touch with what lives beneath the waves with JonahWater aquatic environmental DNA kit!

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Jonah Ventures has worked with scientists, researchers, citizens, and students across the U.S. to use aquatic DNA to identify the species in a simple water sample. Environmental DNA (eDNA) can be used to detect rare, cryptic, or invasive species, as well as those that are more common without ever having to get in the water.

We provide everything you need in our small, portable filtering kits. Simply collect water in the syringe, push it through the filter, inject preservative, and mail the filter to us in the supplied barcoded sample cup. We do all the DNA extraction and analysis and send you back the results.

Included with these kits is access to a convenient JonahDNA phone app, which can be used to enter meta-data in the field. In addition, our JonahDNA data portal is used to access the data you collected and compare it to the data collected by others across the country.

For multiple kits, please contact us on our website at where we offer discounts for large orders.

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