LOLIGO® OmniCTRL systems

Water quality control systems for multiple fish tanks, aquaria, etc. Our OmniCTRL systems allow you to monitor, log, and regulate water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH/CO2, and salinity in a high number of independent tanks – all from a single Windows computer. Regulate one or several parameters simultaneously and automatically to user-defined setpoints or protocols.

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The OmniCTRL systems feature the OmniCTRL software that lets you connect multiple measurement instruments to the same computer, and control pumps and valves through the PowerX4 devices that communicate via Bluetooth (wireless) or LAN/ethernet (cabled).

OmniCTRL is easy-to-use software for Win10/11, making it easy to log data, calibrate sensors, change measurement units, and set up automated protocols for changes in any of the four water quality parameters. Each protocol can be customized to your specific research application, and can be set to regulate in steps or in a sinusoid manner, e.g., to mimic natural fluctuations like diurnal changes. You can save and load the protocols for faster and more consistent setups.

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