Announcing the James Wright Award for the 2020 virtual AFS meeting – updated

Hi, all! On behalf of the AFS Genetics Section, we are now accepting applications for the James Wright Award, a graduate student travel award that provides funds to participate in the annual AFS meeting this year. Due to COVID-19, AFS has opted to offer the meeting online but they will be charging registration fees for access to talks. The Genetics Section will be giving several James Wright Awards in the amount of the AFS registration fee, yet to be determined.

Faculty, this is a great opportunity for graduate students so please encourage them to apply. The attached document describes the selection criteria and application procedure. Applications are due on June [23rd] and winners will be determined by June 30. Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions!


Andrea Schreier, PhD
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Director, Genomic Variation Lab
Meyer Hall 2235
University of California Davis
Office (530) 752-0664
Lab (530) 752-6351

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