Genomics symposia at the Virtual Annual Meeting and Business Meeting

Hi AFSGS Members,

Please find below some information about two genomics symposia at the upcoming Virtual Annual Meeting. Note that the live sessions are back-to-back on the 21st. Talks for both symposia are asynchronous and will be available starting on the 14th.

Also, the Genetics Section will be holding a virtual Business Meeting on September 17th at 4pm eastern. I will send a GoToMeeting link closer to that date, along with the meeting agenda.

Look forward to seeing many of you virtually at the Business Meeting.

– Andrew


Title: The Expanding Role of “omics” in Fisheries Management: Past, Present, and Future Applications

    Sponsored By: AFS Genetics Section, Great Lakes Fisheries Commission
    Organizers: Seth Smith, Kim Scribner, Louis Bernatchez and Gordon Luikart
    Contact Seth Smith ( with any questions.

Talks will be available for asynchronous viewing starting September 14th. We will also be holding a live session on September 21st from 3:15-4:15 PM (Eastern Time). The live session will primarily be devoted to discussion with some time allowed for questions. A GoToMeeting link should be available for the live session approximately 20 minutes prior to the session.

Abstract: Genomic, transcriptomic, and epigenomic technologies and computational methods are rapidly advancing and show great promise for addressing questions in fisheries management and conservation. Applications of these approaches have increased the accuracy and precision of conventional analyses while making previously intractable research and monitoring feasible. In this session, we will bring together fisheries managers and geneticist to (1) discuss how “omic” technologies are being used to directly address fisheries management and conservation issues, (2) identify ways in which these technologies can be further exploited by managers, and (3) increase synergistic interactions between management biologists and genomicists. We invite submissions from fisheries managers and researchers who are applying “omic” data to management questions. Presentations will be organized around 4-6 theme areas. These could include applications of genomics in hatchery programs and fish health (including response to stress and pathogens), integration of adaptive and functional variation into management decisions, understanding impacts of fish translocation and restoration programs, connectivity and demographic inference, and other topics. Theme areas will be introduced by invited speakers who are uniquely qualified to highlight key questions, emerging routes of inquiry, and potential contributions of “omics” methods. We welcome talks on wild and captive populations of marine and freshwater species.

Title: Using Genomics to Explore Adaptation and Improve Management

    Sponsored By: AFS Fish Habitat Section
    Organizers: Nadya Mamoozadeh, Shannon O’Leary, Tasha Thompson, Peter T. Euclide and Avril Harder
    Contact: Nadya Mamoozadeh (

Join us for the live session accompanying the symposium “Using Genomics to Explore Adaptation and Improve Management” (ID #9470) at the AFS Virtual Annual Meeting! This live session will take place on Monday September 21 from 4:30-5:30 pm EST. We will be hosting a facilitated discussion between panelists and session attendees to highlight recent advances and critical next steps for identifying drivers of genomic adaptation and incorporating this information into fisheries management. This live session is open to anyone so please share the event details with colleagues. We especially encourage participation from resource managers and decision-makers. We look forward to seeing you there!

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