Recent Advances in Stream Sampling Techniques


J. Wisniewski- A New Approach to Old Methods: Incorporating Species Detection into Mussel Surveys

D. Walker- Using Classification Trees to Model Habitat Partitioning Among Darter Species

M. Troia- Validating Stream Classifications Schemes for the Eastern US

E. Rottman- Revealing What Lies Beneath: Utilizing Environmental DNA (eDNA) to Detect Rare Fishes in Louisiana

J. Parham– High Definition Stream and Fish Surveys

R. McManamay- Prioritizing Streams for Hydrologic Reserves in the Eastern United States

N. Marzolf- Development of Edna Detection and Sampling Methods for the Invasive Apple Snail in Lake Seminole

A. Kaeser– Low-Cost Side Scan Sonar Helps Advance the Conservation Mission

E. Irwin- Monitoring of Temperature in Warmwater Streams: Applications for Decision Making

B. Hughes- Fish Assemblage Sampling Effort

K. Hining- Use of Trail Cameras to Assess Angler Use on Two Wild Trout Streams

K. Hecke– Presence/Absence Analysis of Historical Data on the Strawberry Darter

T. Grabowski– Habitat Associations of a Stream Fish Assemblage at Multiple Spatial Scales Using Side Scan Sonar

J. Freedman- Sampling Large-River Fish Communities – Challenges and Solutions

W. Duncan– Rapid and Robust Instream Flow Assessments on Shoestring Budgets

W. Doyle- The New Frontier of Midwestern River Trawling

M. Davis– Status of Fish Data Standardization in the Southeastern US

M. Cantrell– Measuring Success of a Long-Term Lake Sturgeon Restoration Program with a Standardized Stream Sampling Scheme

W. Budnick– Sampling Crayfish Assemblages in Louisiana Coastal Plain Streams: Gear, Protocol, and Timing

T. Birdsong- Application and Utility of a Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial System to Manage and Conserve Aquatic Resources in Four Texas Rivers