Fish Passage Conference 2021 – Keynote Nominations Due TODAY

The organizers of Fish Passage 2021 are seeking nominations for keynote speakers.  Please see their request below with a link to an online form where you can submit a nomination.  They are due by the end of the day today, March 29, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

 Hope you are doing well. 

 Hereby we invite you to nominate keynote speaker for the next Fish Passage 2021 conference, hosted digitally from June 21 until June 24. Below we will explain our ambitions and how we work. The theme this year: Global solutions for river connectivity issues. We hope to make FP2021 the most exciting event of the year for fish passage.

 The FP2021 conference will be set up as a webinar. It will deal with topics like: fish passage engineering, fishway research and telemetry studies, river restoration measures like dam removal, mapping migratory routes of fish, policy and much more. We want to showcase cutting edge research, celebrate successful projects and discuss challenges. We want to use this opportunity to emphasize solutions for the future.

 For this we are looking for the best international showcase projects, labs and research from across the world. Our ambition is to make the event all inclusive – to cover a wide range of globally relevant topics and to give room to young researchers, mid-level and distinguished colleagues, whilst ensuring ethnic and gender diversity.

In total we have space for 12 keynote speakers. Over the course of the webinar we will host 4 sessions of 2,5 hours each.

 We hope that you can help us make this possible. Do you know of a great project and/or keynote who would fit these criteria?

If so, we invite you to complete this nomination form by 29 March. If you do not know any of the details of the project/keynote, feel free to leave the boxes open.

 On behalf of the FP2021 Steering Committee and the World Fish Migration Foundation,

 Best regards,

 Kerry Brink, PhD
Aquatic Ecologist
Reaching Rivers
Deventer, The Netherlands
+31(0) 6 23 78 69 17

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