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The Programmatic Approach to Ecosystem Restoration
Presented by Beth Lambert, Director, Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration

The Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration provides a template of how to create, tailor and promote a government-sponsored ecological restoration program.

Created in 2009 by bringing together two small, community-based restoration programs housed within different agencies in the Commonwealth, the DER is a Division within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Department of Fish and Game. Its mission is to restore and protect rivers, wetlands, and watersheds for the benefit of people and the environment.

Partnerships are a hallmark of DER’s work, and the Division works closely with municipalities, non-profit organizations, and agencies in all its work. As a non-regulatory agency, DER carries out its mission in three ways:

  1. Directly coordinating on-the-ground restoration projects such as dam removals, culvert upgrades, and salt marsh restoration.
  2. Building the capacity of other organizations to lead and support restoration; and
  3. Developing and sharing restoration expertise and best practices within state government and with partners outside of state government.

Join us for a presentation and discussion on February 23.

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