Conference Call

FITS Excom Conference Call 10/8/2015 10:00am-11:45am



Julie Defilippi

Thom Litts

Andrew Loftus

Jeffrey Ojala

Jeff Kopaska

Rebecca Krogman



  1. Website Update
    1. Rebecca provided an update, not much has changed since last call.
      1. New website is ready
      2. Still working on member portal
  • IMS (sp?) has been contracted to work on the website
    1. This will increase the cost of the project-Julie
    2. This is also delaying the timeline-Julie
  1. Jeff Kopaska confirmed that IMS is pretty expensive but didn’t have any specific numbers
  2. Rebecca- The goal of this is to be seamless, but not sure whether this work will achieve this.
  3. Rebecca feels that the decision makers didn’t take a lot of the advice that was given by ESAB, wait and see if members have issues with it.
  • Julie emphasized that most people were frustrated with functionality not so much appearance, hopefully the functionality will be improved even if the appearance still isn’t perfect.
  1. Newsletter update
    1. Nick and Jeffery will be talking on Monday and getting a plan set going forward
    2. We have a member submission from Tennessee about side scan sonar
    3. Jeff suggested including an announcement about MINK
    4. Nick should plug FAMS in the newsletter
    5. Will also include a pres byte, and summaries from the two symposia
      1. Update about Jeff Kopaska’s survey
      2. Follow up with Kristen, and cc Keith (Jeff will get me contact info)
    6. OFWIM update
      1. Jeff mentioned that in two years the meeting will likely be in the Midwest so it could be a good opportunity for everyone to get together.
    7. Julie introduced Jeffery Ojala
      1. Will be working on newsletter and possibly website
      2. Nicole will hopefully be working on communication and possibly website stuff as well
    8. Symposia ideas for next year-Julie
      1. Discussion with Jodi regarding the world fisheries congress.
      2. Julie thinks that we should continue to push fisheries data management as a symposium topic.
        1. Rebecca questions whether there will be much new information since the exchange standards project is moving kind of slow
        2. Julie mentioned that she agrees, but that it doesn’t need to focus on the exchange, just good data management in general.
  • Katie Pearson has left USGS so Jen will be taking over some of the components of this work.
  1. Not a lot yet, but we need to start thinking about this because the deadline is coming up fast – Julie
  1. Miscellaneous
    1. Andy- Has the FAMS licensing stuff with the people in Wisconsin been taken care of.
      1. Added to our FAMS folder
    2. Andy- Confirmed with Nick that banking is fully transitioned
      1. Nick confirmed it has been.
    3. FAMS loan
      1. 1 year is up on the 31st, will begin paying interest going forward
        1. We would be paying interest on about $10,000, initially was $25,000
          1. We have sold $15,000 worth
        2. Contact Fisheries administrators section potentially to plug sale of the software.
          1. “makes a great holiday gift”
        3. Andy mentioned that we need to get rid of a few age and growth dvds
          1. Let him know if you need a copy
            1. Sending them to Rebecca
          2. Other business- Julie asked
            1. No one had any so the call was ended
            2. People who were interested stayed on call for further discussion of ESAB news

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