Conference Call

FITS Excom Conference Call 1/14/2016 10:00am- CST.



Julie DeFilippi

Jeff Kopaska

Nick Sievert

Rebecca Krogman



  • Article
    • Julie and Andy will be adding onto the article and sending back to Jodi to merge changes together.
  • Solicit feedback from membership (announcement email or newsletter)
    • Emily Grandstaff-Using databases on amazon cloud services? Any information
      • Reach out to listserv
      • Send out email to membership, but how do we get feedback:
      • Blog Post-Add comments
    • Gary Ash software review- solicit feedback from membership
      • Get in touch with Gary Ash if you would like to participate
    • Make announcement about the new website and request feedback
      • But hold off until after the society makes their announcement (if they haven’t made an announcement by the time this is ready to go pull it out.
    • Jeff Ojala will put together the announcement and coordinate this with support from Nick
  • Website
    • Rebecca- Launched yesterday
      • A few small bugs but so far going well.
      • Still working on getting issues with member portal figured out.
      • If you look at the website and have comments pass them on to Rebecca she will compile them and pass them along to get issues worked out.
        • There is also a feedback form on the website that can be filled out.
      • Unit sites have not been migrated yet, but this could be coming soon.
    • Special committee Ron & Glenn
      • Rebecca has a representative who will be placed on it.
      • Julie will do the first round and Nicole will take over in the future.
    • Symposiums
      • WE had decided not to do one
      • Potential for piggy-backing on some that Tom Lang is doing
        • Angler participation Symposia- Want to put together a book from the symposia
          • Focus on recruiting, marketing, retaining anglers, license purchase behavior, etc.-Rebecca
          • Data could definitely be a part of it, but the focus is not on the technology. Doesn’t seem like the right fit –Julie and Rebecca
          • App that can be used to in regard to setting limits, could be included in the symposia
          • Jeff- Angler databases- Who is buying licenses, what are they responding to, where are they coming from
            • As budgets tighten traditional fish surveys may be more difficult and less ubiquitous, monitoring may become more dependent on angler reports-Jeff
            • Regulations are beginning to be based on results of creel surveys rather than traditional surveys.-Jeff
            • Information and technology will have a very important role in this going forward. FITS could be a good fit related to this.
          • Rebecca and Tom will discuss if there is a way FITS can contribute to this endeavor.
        • Fisheries Data exchange, what’s the status?-Jeff
          • Rebecca- There has been no change since our last discussion about it a few months ago
          • Julie- Will be checking on the status and see is going to happen going forward.





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