Conference Call

FITS Excom Conference Call 12/10/2015 10:00am- 10:45am CST.



Julie Defilippi

Thom Litts

Rebecca Krogman

Nick Sievert

Jeff Ojala



1: Website and Portal Update

  • Julie- Update about website and membership portal
    • none of it is working.
    • Trying to arrange a way for ESAB folks can have a webinar to deal with this issue before going live.
  • Rebecca- Not a lot of change. Very little oversight from members on what is being done with the members portal. ESAB is not being given much of a role or voice in the process of setting up the website, specifically the member portal.
  • Rebecca and Julie both are concerned that FITS and ESAB are being shut out from a lot of the process and are becoming very frustrated, some staff have been very difficult to work with, have felt very ignored.
  • Julie- Need to make sure to maintain distinction between what FITS is versus ESAB, related and work closely together, but not the same thing.
  • Rebecca does not feel like we are getting appropriate feedback and responsiveness from the staff which is working on this.
  • Julie- Proposing to meet next week Thursday afternoon to look at whats going on and have a webinar so the ESAB folks can stay in the loop of what is going on.
  • Thom- What do we need to do to make sure the voice of ESAB is heard regarding the website and that the confusion regarding the relationship between ESAB and FITS. Suggests that conversations should be had to address these concerns and clarify the roles of these groups.
    • Julie responded that this is a conversation she is planning to have when she visits the office.

2: Scanning Project Update

  • From Jodi:
    • All hard copy documents have been scanned into pdfs
    • All software packages have been zipped except for FishCalc89. Does anyone have access to equipment that can read 5 ¼ inch floppies? I have checked with our MO IT folks and they don’t have the necessary equipment.
      • Jeff volunteered to try and get the data off this disk
    • Next step is to create an archived software webpage with links to the pdfs and zipped packages. Who would like to volunteer for this task?


3: Dues Issue Resolved

4: Software Review

  • Julie has reached out to Gary Ash regarding software review. Still waiting on a response.
  • Gary mentioned that the apps are for android and his mobile devices are all ios so he is unable to review it.
  • Julie suggested soliciting a review from membership. She will send out an email to see if we

5: No News on FDX

6: Symposium ideas for 2016 (17Jan2016)

  • We have done these in the past but are not obligated to do so now or in the future.
  • Julie solicited ideas from the group.
    • Thom hasn’t given it much thought but will
    • Rebecca mentioned that there probably hasn’t been enough progress to warrant a symposium related to data sharing or data management. Won’t likely be enough new information since last years symposia, but likely a great idea for the future.
    • Julie- We haven’t done one about specific technologies in a while, there may be some opportunities to target some technologies that are taking off.
      • Thom agrees that this is a good idea, lots of advancement in field data collection and mobile applications, could be worth revisiting.
    • Hosting a symposia can be a lot of work, perhaps it’s better to take a year off (Sentiment shared by many on the call).

7: FITS Website Update and Maintenance

  • Thom will be showing Julie how to update the website
  • Jeff will be updating the website with newsletter content, Nick will assist.
  • Creation of a webpage for organizing the software online. Thom and Julie will work on this.

8: Climate Change Article

  • First idea is a big data article but there could be other ideas if anyone has other thoughts.
  • Jodi will send out a doodle poll to the group to facilitate progress on the article.



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