Conference Call

FITS Excom Conference Call 1/12/2017 12:00pm-Central



Julie DeFilippi Simpson

Nick Sievert

Rebecca Krogman

Andy Loftus

Thom Litts

Jeff Kopaksa

Jennifer Bayer



  • FDX Discussion
    • Julie- Jennifer can you provide some insight into how USGS feels going forward
    • Jennifer- Been a while since this has been discussed. Not a consensus on how to move forward with FDX. Some interest in getting funding from LCCs or some other source to keep efforts going. One issue is that it lacked a clear directive or target. Believe that getting this done would be great and is much needed, would be helpful to see support or a push from states or other groups that this is something they want and would be willing to engage with.
      • Not currently in her work plan, but if there is enough of a call for it that maybe it’s something that could be moved forward on.
    • Julie- Need for a driving force to lead this effort. If there isn’t someone whose responsibility is to lead these efforts it will be difficult to keep the ball rolling. This isn’t something that states can be done on their own, and many states are in different positions. Some states are very organized and would be ready to proceed with this, while others are not yet in that place. Potentially AFS taking a leadership role may make this feel like more of a grassroots effort. FINS is starting to be adopted by multiple states, may have some shortcomings but could be a good starting point or something to work from. Upon review the word that kept coming forward was leadership. Where should leadership come from?
      • Jennifer- USGS doesn’t want to be viewed as someone forcing this on states, want to be a supportive and a facilitator. AFS in a leadership role would be ideal. This would give the users more ownership in this process.
      • Rebecca- Challenge from her perspective is finding a common target that is agreed upon by stakeholders and meets everyones needs.
      • Julie- Makes sense for AFS and/or FITS to take a leadership role in this. Is there a possibility of getting a grant from USGS to support this effort?
        • Jennifer- Not sure but can ask around to get a better idea. A lot of uncertainty in the federal government about priorities and funding moving forward.
          • If FITS has something to take to USGS to detail what our objectives are that would be helpful.
          • *Sorry my phone got cut off here and I missed Julies response*
        • Rebecca- Kelley Myers recently left Iowa DNR for a position as an LCC Coordinator. She could be a potential connection with the LCCs.
      • Goals Update
        • Julie-Still working on this, will circle back next month
      • Website-
        • Maybe we should go forward with the repair package but seems like a scam.
        • Nick found a blog post that makes it sound like a scam.
        • We will continue to monitor the website, and address it if there are any issues.
        • Rebecca needs to catch up with staff to get the website moved forward. Things have been very busy.

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