Conference Call

AFS Fisheries Information & Technology Section

Executive Committee Conference Call

June 8, 2017

11:00 – 11: EST


Julie Defilippi Simpson

Jodi Whittier

Andy Loftus

Nick Sievert

Jeff Ojala



Elections Update

  • Julie- Election email has gone out.
    • Got surveymonkey access from AFS so we didn’t have to use Andy’s account
    • Nick will conduct the official count of votes
    • Rebecca brought up including write-in ballots and we uncovered that we need a nominating committee being chaired by the immediate past president. Would be good to run bio’s past the larger group
    • Really important and helpful to consult bylaws about lots of things that come up.
  • Andy- When reminder is sent out, can we target only people who haven’t voted. Sometimes it’s hard to remember whether you voted. Can it be restricted to only people who haven’t clicked the link.
    • Julie- yes, but won’t be able to tell who has voted, so potentially people who accessed to look at bio’s but hasn’t voted may be missed.
    • Julie-Could craft different emails to target based on the links clicked or not clicked by individuals by creating lists based on actions taken on the original email.
    • Julie- Survey-monkey records ip address from the computer the vote was cast from, so as long as users are using the same computer they won’t be able to cast duplicate votes.
    • Julie-How should we proceed?
      • Andy-Given that only unique ip addresses can be used it’s probably not a huge concern to tailor specific emails instead of just a general reminder.


FITS goals/ job announcement

  • Julie- Thinking of sending this out next week. Does anyone have any changes to the draft message?
    • No changes suggested
  • Julie- Received a job announcement for an IT project leader position, to avoid spamming folks should we include goals and job announcement together, or just share the job announcement on facebook.
    • Jodi-Thinks it should be separate,
    • Jeff O- Agree they are separate things.
    • Julie-Could link to AFS job board post from our facebook.
    • Nick- Makes sense to post to facebook, and if we are able to send out our meeting stuff in time for the job posting we can include it in our meeting announcement.
    • Julie- We have a decent enough number of facebook followers that the announcement should get good circulation


Annual Meeting Forms

  • Julie- Submitted form but asked to get quote for AV equipment. Asked that it be listed in program as two separate meetings.


Website update

  • Julie- Need to find out from Rebecca what the status of the website transfer is.
  • Nick- Talked to Rebecca about whether to renew our domain and she said the transfer wouldn’t be done so I should renew.
  • Andy- How much is the cost?
    • Nick- $107 for the year
    • Andy- That is pretty expensive but probably not worth doing anything about since we are moving the website


Julie- any other agenda items?

  • No one had any other items to discuss
  • Julie- Southern Division President reached out to Julie, they are falling short on fundraising goals and reached out to sections to see if we could sponsor the meeting, what are people’s thoughts on that?
    • Andy- I would say that we should continue our position of not sponsoring the meeting.
    • No other comments
  • Julie- Will go ahead and get the emails and postings taken care of.




Conclude 11:25 am EST

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