Conference Call

AFS Fisheries Information & Technology Section

Executive Committee Conference Call

May 18, 2017

11:00 – 11:45 EST


Julie Defilippi Simpson

Jodi Whittier

Jeff Kopaska

Andy Loftus

Nick Sievert

Rebecca Krogman



Annual Meeting Support Request from Parent Society

  • Julie- Section Meeting
    • Julie- How many attendees do we expect, how should we arrange furniture
      • “Hollow Square” max 20
      • Chose “Theater” to accommodate attendance over 20
      • Added a Projector set up to show off website (may be charged and if it’s excessive we won’t go through with it)
        • Andy- Have had projector in the past and haven’t been charged for its use.
      • Julie- What day should we go with
        • Andy- Used to have on Sunday after 5, it worked out ok but wasn’t great.
          • Conflicted with other section meetings, and close to social
          • Monday at one worked fine in the past, Tuesdays have been working well also.
        • Julie- I would prefer to not conflict with other section meetings on Sundays
        • Jeff- Moved from Monday’s to Tuesdays because of scheduling conflict with FITS symposium.
        • Julie- Will reach out to AFS organizers to make sure the section meeting doesn’t conflict with FITS symposium


FDX Discussion

  • Julie- Difficult to determine who needs to be in attendance to the meeting and whether to formally schedule something or have an informal get together. Would be valuable to get some face to face meeting time.
    • Julie- OFWIM would like to have people who are at their meeting as well as the meeting at AFS to make sure that the thoughts that come up in one meeting make it into the other meetings discussion.
    • Rebecca- Would like to see the meeting tacked onto the end of the section meeting. Convenient timing and could draw new people into FDX.
    • Jeff- That sounds fine, we could also tack it onto the end of the symposium to potentially draw even more people into the discussion.
    • Rebecca- Likes that thought, but thinks it would be good to add it to the section meeting in order to bring people into our section meeting.
    • Jeff- If FDX follows the section meeting we should create a second meeting in the same room immediately after in order to get it on the agenda.
    • Julie- In favor of panel discussion after symposium or as meeting immediately following the section meeting.
      • Andy- Habitat section had the meeting at a restaurant and that went well.
      • Rebecca- Really helped facilitate discussion but difficult to find a suitable space.
      • Julie- May be difficult to find a restaurant close enough.
      • Jodi- Getting new people involved seems like after the symposium would be best.
      • Julie- Definitely pros and cons to both. Symposium would likely draw in some people who wouldn’t come to our section meeting.
      • Rebecca- We should try to get those people to come to our section meeting. If we go with after the section meeting we should push attendance at the symposium
      • Julie- We will go with the back to back meetings; Section3-5, FDX 5-6


Continuing Education

  • Julie- Any other courses other than the GIS that we should advertise.
    • Group- No other ones that we know of.


FITS Symposium Update

  • Julie-Symposia organizing is going well. Have a number of great talks lined up.
  • Jeff- Need to add a coauthor since I won’t be in attendance, Rebecca will be coauthor to get everything set up. Julie will press play for the prerecorded presentation.
  • Rebecca- Will push to get the website migrated and set up.
  • Julie- How will we go about migrating the content?
    • Rebecca- Will probably need to copy and paste the content since we are moving between different types of sites.
    • Julie- Willing to help out with the migration. Is there anyone else who is willing to help out with the process?



  • Julie-Sent out template for election email
    • Rebecca- Will compile bio’s
    • Jodi- Will get Kaylas bio to Rebecca
  • Julie- Planned to send out notice on June 1st with a deadline of June 30th.
  • Andy- We can use the same survey from his account that we used last year.
  • Jeff- We can also use the AFS parent society account.
  • Julie- Will reach out to AFS to see if we can use their account.
  • Julie & Andy- Will work together to figure out how to link survey monkey to mail chimp.
  • Julie- Will plan on keeping the election set up the same way as last time.


FITS Goals

  • Julie-Don’t want to have goal discussion swamping out the election.
  • Rebecca- We could get the elections out beginning of June and have it close the end of the month.
  • Julie- Send goals out a week later
  • Julie- Put out template of blurb with link to discussion board.
    • Julie- Does anyone have any feedback.
      • Rebecca- Looks good.


Angler Apps Workshop

  • Julie-Want to support symposium but not sure we can support sending someone there.
    • Rebecca- If they have more money they would like to help send someone there, but up in the air if funds would be available.
      • Rebecca- Paul interested in having FITS be represented but has been hard getting in touch with him. Likely need more money from Paul to get Rebecca there.
      • Rebecca- Great that they want to bring us there, but we can’t foot the bill for sending a FITS rep.
      • Julie- Since they currently aren’t able to foot the bill we can table it for now.



  • Julie- Please do your best to keep her in the loop so she can make sure everything is being done and nothing important is slipping through the cracks.



Conclude 11:45 am EST

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