Executive Committee Meeting Minutes January 2020

AFS Fisheries Information and Technology Section

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

January 10, 2020

Attendees: Dan, Kayla, Tiffany, Paul

  • Discuss business meeting feedback
    • Table discussion on meeting feedback for next meeting
    • Please read over before next meeting
  • AFS 2020 updates
    • Big Data symposium (speakers, coordination, funding) (Dan)
      • Reach out to AFS management section for help with advertisement
      • 4 confirmed, have leads on more
      • Deadline for symposia is 21st: Dan is the lead on getting the application submitted
      • Running title “Merging data science and fisheries science to solve big problems”
      • Table publication talk until have better idea of talks.
      • Potential for cross over keynote with NOAA’s UAV/Trailcam symposium (lead by Philip Hoffman).
    • Symposium on UAV/trailcam use – collaboration with NOAA (Rebecca/Dan)
    • Bayesian analysis in fisheries symposium (Paul)
      • Requested and were granted FITS support in the form of promotional help. Effectively non-monetary sponsorship.
    • Tech talk (Rebecca)
      • Table to next meeting for Rebecca’s updates, passing of torch to Paul
    • 150 year booth planning (Rebecca)
      • Table to next meeting for Rebecca’s updates
    • Discuss continuing education at AFS 2020
      • Repeat this year’s data management workshop (1Day)?
        • Due to popularity, ExCom would like to repeat this workshop for next year
        • Action Item: Kayla to contact Keith Hurley
      • Also offer one on big data (could help get more agency folks)?
        • Would we have issues with super computer access?
        • Ideas on what that would look like?
          • Choose a popular big data analytic technique?
          • How options for transforming data for sharing?
          • Something around “working/transferring/ manipulating” big data
          • Option to have this as a part of the data management workshop?
        • We should poll our membership (for ideas, or to vote on a list)
      • Support one on survey data and connecting them to spatial data?
        • Table to next meeting for Rebecca’s updates
      • Quarterly fisheries articles (Sarah)
        • No update to report
      • CFTC status (Doll?)
        • Steve Kambouris has emailed FITS : AFS wants to know if this can be rolled out by next meeting in Columbus
          • Is this possible?
        • From Doll: No progress so far, he can access WordPress site, but hasn’t come up with a way to integrate the software
        • Steve is probably more interested in hardware at this point (important to most vendors)
        • Steve is also interested in ideas for showcasing the progression of fisheries technology, which overlaps with plans for our 150 year booth.
          • Table to next meeting for Rebecca’s updates
        • Travel Award (Paul/Rebecca)
          • Discussion from last call
            • Twice a year
            • Need to pick two due dates
            • Any conference, applicant makes the case for which conference they wish to attend
            • Applicants serve on selection committee for following year
          • Other business
            • Kayla created and sent annual financial report to Paul and Rebecca for approval
              • Action Item: Paul to get with Rebecca about submission process
            • Software sells for 2019 were all FAMS 64bit. We sold 15 at the rate of $154 and 11 at $220 for a total of $4,730. Kayla sent invoice to AFS for $4,493.5 (less 5% for credit card fees).
            • Proactive planning of annual meeting symposia
              • We would like to stay one year ahead, like we did this year with Big Data
              • Action Item: Everyone think about topics for 2021 symposium
                • Could potentially come up with a few options and poll the members or make a call for symposia ideas from our members

Next Meeting Feb 14th


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