Subject experts are needed to assist on several efforts.

If interested please contact a FITS officer.

These efforts are:

  1. Regulatory changes to the U.S. National Environmental Policy Act have been proposed that will have significant impacts to fisheries.
    1. We need NEPA experts to help review the proposed changes to identify concerns and provide information to Drue Winters as she drafts a response from AFS.
    2. The comment period on these changes is short and ends in March so this is an ASAP. 
    3. Please have a section volunteer contact Drue directly
  2. The AFS Dam Removal Policy has expired
    1. Volunteers are needed to work with Drue to update the AFS Dam Removal Policy
    2. At this point, the group working on this policy is biased towards the east coast and does not have international input
  3. Climate change policy engagement
    1. It would be great to have expertise from each section as this engagement will be a multi-year effort moving forward
    2. AFS is looking to make some specific recommendations on actions that can be taken using expertise from each of the AFS units

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