Executive Committee Meeting Minutes February

AFS Fisheries Information and Technology Section

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

February 14, 2020


Attendees: Dan, Kayla, Rebecca, Paul


  • Review of business meeting feedback
    • Goals
      • Filming continuing education workshops
      • Host on a website, potentially charge small fee for non-members to watch or make access only for members of FITS (incentives for joining FITS).
        • If non-AFS member interested then should have a separate rate (maybe $25). What are the odds of non-members finding these recordings?
        • Search engine Action Item: Rebecca to get with website persons to get access to change SEO to relevant searches and see about single sign on to SSO for our site.
      • Biggest costs for workshops are bringing in an instructor


  • AFS 2020 updates
    • Big Data symposium update (Dan)
      • It has been accepted!
      • Full day
      • 4 or 5 confirmed speakers
      • Descriptions are supposed to go up on website today – good link to advertising for speakers
      • Send any suggestions of specific people that may be interested to Dan
      • Post on website and social media and reach out to fisheries management section- Sara Tripp from Missouri
      • Some folks are not getting emails – Action item: Rebecca will look into this next week
    • Symposium on UAV/trailcam use (Paul)
      • Has been approved!
    • Tech talk (Rebecca)
      • Feedback :
        • Increased visibility
      • Ideas:
        • Live streaming externally or project onto screen outside of the vendor area
        • Large projected slide show loop for vendors in general to advertise who is inside the trade show and facilitate interest


  • 150 year booth planning (Rebecca)
    • Potential costs probably around $750/$1000 plus work to organize and issues with security
      • 3D glasses
      • Old phones need at least 2 ($60 each)
      • 3D camera as a prize ($200-300)
    • Financial support only for shipping items to the meeting- not cost of the booth
    • We will be charged for any furnishings like chairs and tables (potentially over $100 ; other costs could include $132 for electric, other equip you have to rent from individual vendor or bring your own, dividers are $75 each)
    • Action Item: Paul will talk with AFS about security and funding


  • Updates/discussion re. continuing education at AFS 2020.
    • Action item: Paul to see if we can still submit a proposal for data management workshop
    • Human Dimensions Data Cont. Ed- New format where each 20 minute block will be focused around a specific subject and people are free to come and go to subjects that they are interested in.


  • CFTC status (Rebecca)
    • Feedback:
      • “Amazon like”
      • Reviews and info
      • Science reviews
      • Identify user expert opinion or experiences
      • Prices listed clearly or users can share what they have paid before
      • Need to be sure that it stays neutral ground
    • Should be monetized with vendors paying to be listed
    • Online access issues


  • Travel Award (Paul/Rebecca)
    • 2 per year – 6 months apart
    • Winner picks the conference
    • Past winners to help with applications
    • Next meeting we will start the planning process


  • Other business



Next Meeting March 13th


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