November Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

AFS Fisheries Information and Technology Section

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

November 13, 2020


Attendees: Kayla, Paul, Tiffany

  • Virtual Annual Meeting reflection/discussion
    • FITS-related symposia
      • Letter of appreciation and shout out in newsletter and social media (Paul)
    • Vendors/CFTC
      • Need Volunteers to help recruit vendor and encourage product reviews (Kayla)
    • FITS Volunteers needed
      • Reach out to student section (Rebecca)
      • Reach out to past ExCom (Paul)
      • Positions: Communications Coord, Resource Policy, ESAB, CFTC, President-elect (Kayla)
    • Presidential elections:
      • Reach out to potential candidates and offering other open positions in FITS (Tiffany)
    • AFS Baltimore
      • Symposium ideas?
        • Deadline Jan. 11th
        • Idea: Leveraging data to analyze shifting dynamics in relation to COVID response. (Tiffany)
        • Ask membership for ideas (Kayla)
      • 150 Booth -Not a lot of enthusiasm from membership and uncertainties of COVID. Better to spend time and energy on CFTC. Potential alternative would be to update our history page.
    • By-law change
      • Reach out to Randy for advice on how to update our officer roles (Paul)
    • Citizen Science Task Force
      • Draft email to membership (Paul)
    • FITS opportunities
    • Other business
      • Change to Fish BC software license
        • Ball State is giving license to author, Jason Doll
        • No changes to FITS-related business with Fish BC
      • Brainstorm re. ways to benefit members and attract members (esp. students and early career)
        • Where to look? student section
        • Ask membership what they want from our section
        • Idea: Lottery for AFS Membership dues/ Conference registration sponsorships/ CFTC voucher for the next year
          • Tiered system? Target students & early career
          • Timing: Late fall- before paper deadlines & membership renewal
          • Use December membership list
          • Possible CFTC lottery
          • Cannot defer conference registration – reverts to membership due and we re-draw.
          • We should alert members now so that they can encourage others to sign up (Kayla)

Next Meeting is December 11th



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