January Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

AFS Fisheries Information and Technology Section

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2021

Attendees: Kayla, Paul, Tiffany, Rebecca, Chelsea

  • Introductions
  • Update on filling volunteer positions (COC, Resource Policy, ESAB)
    • COC: Chelsea Myles-McBurney, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
      • Discussion of COC priorities
        • Social media: Facebook and twitter accounts
        • Ideas: member highlights, interesting new technology/papers, Fisheries magazine specials
        • Action item: Paul to connect Chelsea with Sarah for transfer of information
      • RPC: Dirk Miller, Wyoming Game and Fish
      • ESAB: Jeff Kopaska, Iowa DNR
      • CFTC: Rebecca plans to reach out to Student and Early Career
      • Webmaster: Vacant until transfer from ExCom at a later date if necessary
    • President-elect election (Paul, Tiffany)
      • Action Item: Tiffany is working on getting the announcements together and out to the membership
    • CFTC (Rebecca)
      • Draft letter for targeting specific vendors (Rebecca)
        • Letter going out to Vendors today
      • Efforts to identify volunteers (e.g., through the Student and Early Career SS)
    • AFS Baltimore
      • History webpage (Paul): need to find a FITS member who is also a History Section member.
        • Action item: Paul to reach out to History section ExCom and ask to announce to their membership
      • Symposium (applications due January 25) (Tiffany)
        • Discuss draft of “Leveraging data to analyze shifting dynamics in relation to COVID response”.
        • All: Feedback to Tiffany as soon as possible
      • By-law change (Paul)
        • Clarifying the roles of president-elect and past president
        • Reached out to the Constitutional consultant and waiting on further instruction
        • Action item: Paul will reach out again
      • Citizen Science Task Force (Paul)
        • Close the loop between anglers collecting data and scientist getting information back to the anglers to reinforce participation
        • Collaboration with Communication section
        • Will “live” within the newly developing Stakeholder engagement section
        • Action Item: Paul to draft message to recruit members for task force
      • Member recruitment and retention lotteries (Paul)
        • Membership lottery complete (20 lucky winners)
          • Next year to focus on membership types with associated fees
        • Conference registration giveaway is next
          • Waiting until registration costs are confirmed
        • Discussion of CFTC voucher(s)
          • Members would sign up for this lottery
          • Would require working with the vendors and their cooperation
          • Tabled until CFTC has matured
        • Other business
          • Action Item: Paul to draft Letter of appreciation to Dan and shout out in newsletter and social media
          • FAMS migration to R (FSA?) (Rebecca)
            • A lot of interest across multiple states and agencies
            • Maintenance could be responsibility of FITS special committee
            • We are talking with Derek Ogle about a broader partnership involving the FSA R package


Next Meeting is February 12th

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