Thank you to our first paying vendor ETS Electrofishing!

FITS launched the online Center for Fisheries Technology and Collaboration the week of the AFS Virtual Meeting (September 2020), and has since focused on expanding its products and partnering vendors. The Center’s purpose is to provide easy-to-find solutions to AFS members for specific fisheries sampling and analysis needs.

We wanted to give a huge shout-out to ETS Electrofishing for becoming the first dedicated partner! Although FITS offered five free listings for the first year, ETS Electrofishing decided to go the extra mile to connect with you, the customer. Check out ETS Electrofishing’s listings here:

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, and operated out of a solar-powered, zero-energy-cost office, ETS is co-owned by brothers and engineers Mark and Burke O’Neal. Their operation produces electrofishing boats, backpacks, barges, control boxes, and associated field equipment.

Thank you, ETS Electrofishing!

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