Please welcome our CFTC Volunteers!

The AFS’s Center for Fisheries Technology and Collaboration is growing weekly, thanks in large part to the hard work of our wonderful volunteers! Please let these folks know how much you appreciate their contributions next time you talk to them! Meet some of them by watching the slideshow.

Here’s a full listing of our volunteers for 2021:

  • Hannah Gottesman
  • Alysse Raquel
  • Erin Moffatt
  • Taylor Cooke-Brown
  • Michelle Shaffer
  • Emma B.
  • Alex Keiler-Klein
  • Bryan Minihan
  • Chris Rillahan
  • Marcus Prull
  • Steve Lombardo
  • Kathleen Gerard
  • Sam Grinstead
  • Jason Doll, Committee Co-Chair
  • Rebecca Krogman, Committee Co-Chair

Please make sure to thank them next time you see them. They are already making a huge difference helping the Section!

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