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CFT Partners Who Will Be in Spokane

Don’t forget to stop by and visit with the Center for Fisheries Technology partners who attend the AFS Spokane Meeting next week! Big Fin Scientific: https://units.fisheries.org/fits/solutions/vendors/big-fin-scientific/ BioBase – Navico: https://units.fisheries.org/fits/solutions/vendors/biobase/ Biomark: https://units.fisheries.org/fits/solutions/vendors/biomark/ Central Life Sciences: https://units.fisheries.org/fits/solutions/vendors/central-life-sciences/ Duluth Nets: https://units.fisheries.org/fits/solutions/vendors/duluth-nets/ Echoview Software: https://units.fisheries.org/fits/solutions/vendors/echoview/ ETS Electrofishing Systems: https://units.fisheries.org/fits/solutions/vendors/ets-electrofishing/ Hallprint: https://units.fisheries.org/fits/solutions/vendors/hallprint/ Hydrolox: https://units.fisheries.org/fits/solutions/vendors/hydrolox/ Oregon RFID: https://units.fisheries.org/fits/solutions/vendors/oregon-rfid/ Smith-Root: https://units.fisheries.org/fits/solutions/vendors/smith-root/... Read More

Please welcome our CFTC Volunteers!

The AFS’s Center for Fisheries Technology and Collaboration is growing weekly, thanks in large part to the hard work of our wonderful volunteers! Please let these folks know how much you appreciate their contributions next time you talk to them! Meet some of them by watching the slideshow. Here’s a full listing of our volunteers... Read More

Thank you to our first paying vendor ETS Electrofishing!

FITS launched the online Center for Fisheries Technology and Collaboration the week of the AFS Virtual Meeting (September 2020), and has since focused on expanding its products and partnering vendors. The Center’s purpose is to provide easy-to-find solutions to AFS members for specific fisheries sampling and analysis needs. We wanted to give a huge shout-out... Read More

Need fisheries equipment? Nets? Software solutions?

Check out the brand new Center for Fisheries Technology and Collaboration, a searchable online warehouse of fisheries products and services! This is designed to be a one-stop shop for fisheries professionals and students. Brought to you by the Fisheries Info and Tech Section, American Fisheries Society, and its partners, the CFTC is a free service... Read More

What’s a Tech Talk?

A Tech Talk  is a fresh new way to check out solutions without the pressure that may come from walking through the trade show. FITS has worked closely with AFS Bethesda to identify a few vendors who wanted to share a really cool solution or product with you in a different way.  If you have any... Read More

Call for Volunteers!

Looking for a way to get more involved? FITS wants you! The Fisheries Information and Technology Section works to connect fisheries scientists with the solutions they need for fisheries research and management. Center for Fisheries Technology and Collaboration Committee – This committee will work to establish an environment both at the Annual Meeting and online... Read More