May Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

AFS Fisheries Information and Technology Section

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

                                                      May 13, 2021


Attendees: Paul, Bryan, Kayla, Rebecca

  • Welcome Webmaster Bryan Minihan (Paul)
    • Bryan is working with Grant to get more access that he needs for wordpress
    • Kayla to start forwarding the list of current members so that Bryan can help with updating the mailing list on wordpress
  • President-elect election (Tiffany)
    • No updates at this time
  • History webpage collaboration with the History Section (Paul)
    • Action Item: Paul to pursue further
  • AFS Baltimore
    • “COVID Effects” Symposium (Tiffany)
      • Abstract deadline pushed to August
      • The symposium is tentatively accepted
    • Data Management workshop (Paul)
      • The workshop has been officially accepted and is tentatively scheduled for Saturday Nov. 6th
      • Keith Hurley agreed to instruct, and suggested a full day because a half day was too short in Reno
    • Registration lottery for members
      • We will focus on student member and early career FITS members
      • Early bird student member registration is in-person $360 and virtual $240. These increase to $445 and $300, respectively for early career members.
      • Action item: Paul to draft advertisement announcement of lottery and we will share the announcement outside of section to draw in new student and early career memberships before the lottery deadline.
      • Action item: Bryan will use Paul’s draft to develop a form on our website for interested people to submit application
      • We will ask that recipients accept or decline by August 14th
      • We will award the registration in check form after the AFS annual meeting.
      • We will continue to talk amongst Excom to decide on how many members to sponsor. We are learning toward 10 this year (= maximum $4,450).
  • By-law change (Paul)
    • Paul has received 22 responses, all in favor of the changes
    • Action item: Paul to take results to the Management Committee
  • Other business
    • CFTC news? (Rebecca)
      • No updates
      • No new product listings this month
    • Letter and email of appreciation have been sent to Dan
    • Citizen Science Task Force (Paul)
      • No updates
      • Action Item: Paul create citizen science email to Chelsea to send out to subscribers
  • Next meeting, we will revisit partnership travel award and schedule future ExcCom meetings

Next Meeting June 9th



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