October Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

AFS Fisheries Information and Technology Section

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

October 13, 2021

Attendees: Kayla, Paul, Tiffany, Patrick, Rebecca

  • Welcome to President-elect Patrick Cooney (all)
  • AFS Baltimore
    • “COVID Effects” Symposium (Tiffany)
      • We are still waiting for information on the symposium
      • Action Item: Tiffany will reach out again to the Master Scheduler (joseph.love@maryland.gov)
      • Rebecca suggested Tiffany verify with speakers their status of virtual and in-person
    • Data Management workshop cancelled (Paul)
      • We had to cancel the workshop due to Covid and low enrollment
      • Patrick suggested possible future webinar on data management
      • Action item: Kayla will reach out to Keith to see if he is interested
    • FITS annual meeting
      • Action item: Paul to request room and meeting time, and investigate Virtual attendance options
        • Need to determine if we have Wifi access
        • Rebecca has an AV system we can use that is blue tooth
        • Sean Johnston – locations coordinator
    • Registration lottery (Chelsea)
      • We received acceptance responses from 4 winners
      • Action item: Kayla will reach out to the 6 other winners to give another chance to accept the award
  • Partnership travel award (Kayla)
    • No entries
  • By-law change (Paul)
    • Change has been confirmed
    • Action item: Paul to update bylaws on website
  • FishR-FITS partnership (Paul)
    • A Call has been scheduled to discuss further actions
  • Other business
    • Center for Fisheries Technology and Collaboration news (Rebecca)
      • We have recruited two more volunteers
      • Rebecca to focus on setting tangible goals for volunteers
    • Citizen Science Task Force (Paul)
      • No updates
    • History webpage collaboration with the History Section (Paul)
      • Tabled until Paul is past president
    • Fall meeting times-
      •  12-1pm eastern on 12/1/2021

Next meeting at AFS Baltimore (date/time TBD)

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