FITS highlights fish passage tech in latest Fisheries Magazine

Thanks to our wonderful member Sarah Grasty (former Communications Chair) and her co-authors, the latest issue of Fisheries Magazine includes a great look at tech being used monitoring and studying fish passage! Here’s a sneak peek:

Over the past several decades, technological innovation has advanced so rapidly that it is hard for many of us to remember life before smartphones. In the context of fisheries research, technology growth has experienced a similar, albeit not as quite as steep, upward trajectory. From new, improved ways of collecting and analyzing big data, to using drones for surveying fish populations in remote, hard‐to‐reach areas (Harris et al. 2019a, 2019b), the opportunities to benefit from advanced technology in fisheries research and management are endless. Where technological innovation and refinement in fisheries has lagged is in the monitoring, study, and improvement of fish passage; concrete fish ladders and trap‐and‐haul via truck were conceived generations ago, yet these remain the primary methods for managing migratory species around waterway barriers such as dams.

Check out the full article here:

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