February 2022 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

AFS Fisheries Information and Technology Section

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes February 18, 2022

Present: Chelsea Myles-McBurney, Paul Venturelli, Tiffany Hopper

Old Business

Mail poet:

  • Impact of the list cleanup actions
    • Chelsea sent email for “are you still interested in”
    • Need to investigate why messages are going into spam
    • Chelsea ran spam test Results: 6.7/10
    • Revisit subject lines in emails to see if that helps spam issue
    • Created Segment list to filter inactive members
    • No luck on R code yet
  • Revisiting whether we need to upgrade the account yet
    • Look into premium and what it means to “Send emails via web host or third-party service”
    • $149 a year for premium

Potential section rebranding?

  • Do we want to pursue this?
    • Paul, Chelsea, and Tiffany are interested in changing
    • Think it would benefit the Section
  • What are required steps?
    • We need to change the bylaws (What are the steps for this)
    • ACTION ITEM (Tiffany): Reach out to Doug to see what steps are needed for this change
  • Timeline?
    • Touch on next meeting

Partnership travel award (Tiffany)

  • New application deadline
  • February 28th is the deadline
  • Page on the website
  • ACTION ITEM: Add blurb to remind people about the application deadline (Link below)

Membership lottery (Tiffany)

  • Membership lottery was completed, and tiffany picked winners
  • Winners were notified in February
  • Action Item: Kayla to make post on Website

AFS Spokane

  • Continuing Ed course
    • Course was successfully submitted
    • Agenda from previous course has been approved by Keith
    • All CV’s need to be submitted to AFS
    • Updates on schedule should be available has conference gets closer
  • Symposia
    • MacGyver symposium has been submitted
    • Deadline extension was 2/18/2022
    • Should be notified on proposals at the end of February
  • Tech Talks?
    • Putting this onto the radar – need to talk to Rebecca
    • What would this look like in the future for CFTC

Center for Fisheries Technology and Collaboration update

*No updates to report on currently

Citizen Science Task Force (Paul)

  • Putting these talks into an annual symposium
  • Not needing to recruit volunteers any longer.

New Business
Paul’s Updates:

  • Fish r core development team: meeting every month
  • Starting to prioritize action items and assign people to items
  • Created a mission statement
  • Working on moving fish R website to fits website and “make it our own”
  • Working on what to keep and what to take out



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