A Look Back at Wildlife Computers Inc’s 2022

In case you missed all the cool stuff this year at Wildlife Computers, here’s a look back.

Wildlife Computers Unveils the Future of SPLASH—we’ve incorporated researcher input to create a new line of SPLASH tags that offer greater flexibility and improved data throughput. The updated models will have the simpler name of SPLASH, without the “10.” But don’t worry, SPLASH10 isn’t going away. The names SPLASH10 and SPLASH will just help you differentiate the two product lines. Learn more here: https://wildlifecomputers.com/blog/wildlife-computers-unveils-the-future-of-splash/

Introducing the MiniPAT-390—this new design has an integrated nose cone resulting in a more resilient attachment point. The nose cone will remain as part of the tag when it is jettisoned from the tether after the pin burns at pop-up. This new design is much easier to tether and provides better retention, increasing the probability of longer deployments. Read the full story here: https://wildlifecomputers.com/blog/introducing-the-minipat-390/

TDR-Mk9 and Daily Diary are discontinued—all great things must come to an end and our TDR-Mk9 and Daily Diary are no exception. Due to part supplies going dry and reaching the end of our in-house supply, we need to say good-bye. Read the story: https://wildlifecomputers.com/blog/change-is-in-the-air-at-wildlife-computers/

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