January 2023 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

AFS Fisheries Information and Technology Section

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

                                                      January 12, 2023


Attendees: Kayla, Tiffany, Paul, Chelsea, Patrick


Old Business


  • Bylaws changes
    • Conflict of Interest statement

The Center for Fisheries Technology shall be maintained by a committee of members from the Section (hereafter, Committee). All members are eligible to serve on the Committee except those employed in the private sector in order to avoid any conflict of interest in partner recruitment and retention, product listing and maintenance, and other committee functions. In addition, decisions regarding the Center for Fisheries Technology that pertain to partner eligibility and presentation on the Center, product presentation on the center, and sharing of partner news or offerings shall be made by the Committee, rather than the Executive Committee of the Section.”

  • Excom suggested “if any input is required from ExCom those potential conflicts of interest would abstain.”
  • Personal Pronouns- Action item: Tiffany still needs to complete
  • Secretary/treasurer split- Action item: Kayla will draft and send to Tiffany
    • “reports to governing board as requested”
  • 2023 President-elect election
    • ExCom is actively engaging potential candidates
    • ExCom will establish a special committee of secretary/treasurer
      • The committee will familiarize themselves with secretary/treasurer roles
    • Target nomination packets by end of January
      • Your name, title, and place of work
      • A 1-paragraph biography (max 200 words)
      • A 1-paragraph statement of interest/qualification/vision (max 200 words)
      • A photograph that we can include in the call to vote
      • Contact Patrick if you are interested in running for president elect
    • Travel award
      • 1 entry for travel award period
      • Action item: Kayla will send to ExCom for decision
      • Paul will recuse himself due to conflict of interest
    • Symposium Proposals due Jan 27
      • Patrick to follow up with potential symposium


New Business

  • GB Update
    • Spokane- Great feedback esp. on tribal events.
      • MacGyvering symposium was one of the top viewed “things” of last years symposium
      • Giveaways were popular with last years symposium- ExCom interested in continuing this as way to engage members
    • AFS interested in cutting costs. Looking into exploring selling AFS building space
    • Gearing up for Grand Rapids
  • Form 990
    • Action item: Kayla will look into updating contact info for AFS




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