February 2023 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

AFS Fisheries Information and Technology Section

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

                                                      February 14, 2023


Attendees: Kayla, Tiffany, Paul, Chelsea, Patrick


Old Business


  • Bylaws changes
    • Secretary/treasurer split- Action item: Kayla will send draft to ExCom to review, and Tiffany will include in updates.
  • 2023 President-elect election
    • We received two highly qualified candidates
    • Election will run in the month of March
    • Action item: Patrick will populate google form with candidate information
  • Travel award
    • Action item: Kayla will send information to student on reimbursement
  • Symposium Proposals due Jan 27
    • ExCom submitted a proposal for a second year of the “MacGyvering” symposium
    • Gearing up for Grand Rapids


  • Form 990
    • Action item: Tiffany find AFS leadership contact for Kayla


New Business

  • No new business




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