Hooked on a Webinar Idea?

Have an interesting webinar subject that you would like to present to the entire AFS Membership? The American Fisheries Society is rolling out a challenge to all Sections to co-sponsor a webinar session!

Let us know if you have a topic of interest you would like to present, and we can put you into contact directly with AFS on behalf of the Data and Technology Section.

Specs for each webinar:
• Webinars are scheduled for one hour – 35-40 minutes of content, plus time for introductions and Q & A
• Pertains to the Data and Technology Section’s area of expertise (very wide scope!)
• Topic of interest to the membership at large

To register or to see past webinars: https://fisheries.org/webinar-recordings/

To submit your idea, please contact us at datatechnologysection@gmail.com.

Data and Technology Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/AFSFITS/

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