“MacGyvering” Symposium is Back!!- Updated Deadline: May 3rd

The “MacGyvering”: Innovative Problem Solving in Fisheries Science is back 🥳 and the call for abstracts is open! This has been a really successful session the past couple of annual meetings, and we are looking forward to continuing to platform these solutions! Call for Abstracts Deadline: Friday May 3rd, 2024

Is this Symposium right for you?

Fisheries scientists are often successful in “MacGyvering” innovative solutions to a question or problem. They do this by inventing, building, or repurposing technology or analytical tools, especially when resources or tools are limited or absent. Over time, these innovative solutions created important breakthroughs and broadened research capabilities in our field. This symposium is a platform for the tinkerers, the inventers, and the repurposers – the “MacGyvers” of fisheries science – to showcase the successes and failures of their applications and processes, their ideas for further exploration, and the results of their research after their innovative solution was utilized.

We hope that presenters will spark further development, facilitate the adoption of useful tools, and inspire others to explore innovative problem solving for the present and future of conservation and management in fisheries science. “Brace yourself – this could be fun” – Angus MacGyver.

If you are interested in submitting an abstract for this session:

Questions? Email: datatechnologysection@gmail.com

Just a friendly reminder that Abstracts can be submitted for the 2024 Annual Meeting until Friday May 3rd!

To submit an abstract or to see a full list of Sessions: https://afsannualmeeting.fisheries.org/

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