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MARIS Assessment: We Want to Hear from You!

For more than 10 years, AFS/FITS has coordinated the development of the Multistate Aquatic Resources Information System (MARIS). As we plan for the future of fisheries information sharing, it is productive to take a retrospective view of what has worked well, and what lessons we have learned, from the past experiences in developing MARIS. If... Read More

Fish BC Update and Survey

Submitted by Jeff Kopaska The AFS Fisheries Information & Technology Section (AFS-FITS) is in the process of reviewing some of the important pieces of software it has provided over the years. Recent changes in operating systems for PC computers have rendered older programs potentially unusable in current environments. These issues led AFS-FITS to work with... Read More

USGS/NAS Database Releases New Web API

Submitted by Pam Fuller The U.S. Geological Survey’s Nonindigenous Aquatic Species (NAS) database ( functions as a repository and clearinghouse for occurrence information on nonindigenous aquatic species from across the United States. The NAS database contains spatially referenced biogeographic information on more than 1,000 species introduced since 1800, including foreign species and North American native... Read More

FAMS Now Available for Windows 7 & 8

Submitted by Andy Loftus The popular software Fishery Analysis and Modelling Simulator (FAMS) that AFS offered for Windows XP and earlier machines has been recently upgraded and enhanced to make it operable on Windows 7 & 8. The software, which is designed to simulate and evaluate the dynamics of exploited fish populations, allows for the... Read More

The National Stream Internet Project

Submitted by Dan Isaak Hi Everyone, I’m writing with regards to a new national project we have underway that stream techno-geeks might be interested in. We call it “The National Stream Internet Project.” It’s prompted by the fact that accurate, high resolution information to describe the status and trends of water quality and aquatic biotas... Read More

Drones – A Fisheries Assessment Tool?

Submitted by Jeff Kopaska Drones – perhaps you saw what the fuss was all about. The topic has surfaced in popular culture, science and technology circles, and even on the pages of Field&Stream.  In December, there were news articles about Amazon testing product delivery using drones (Unmanned Aerial System/Vehicle).  January was more interesting, when Lakemaid... Read More

Why Open Source GIS Software Is Not For Me

Submitted by: Melanie Riley & Thomas Litts | 5/12/14 The November 2013 issue of Fisheries had a great article, and some interesting findings, on the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in fisheries management agencies (Eder and Neely 2013).  I wasn’t surprised to find a listing of mature open source GIS projects, nor was I... Read More


Submitted by Thom Litts and Jeff Kopaska If you work for an agency or university, it has happened to you.  The computer police called and said it is the end of the line for your XP machine.  Get signed up for a new computer, and hand the XP one over to us.  Everything will be... Read More

Tablet Computers in Fisheries

Submitted by Jeff Kopaska Last month, I used the Gutowsky et al. article from the October 2013 issue of Fisheries to kick off further discussion of mobile computing devices for fisheries work.  That column addressed smartphones, and this month we will move on to tablet computers. Tablet computers are currently one of the fastest growing... Read More