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FITS highlights fish passage tech in latest Fisheries Magazine

Thanks to our wonderful member Sarah Grasty (former Communications Chair) and her co-authors, the latest issue of Fisheries Magazine includes a great look at tech being used monitoring and studying fish passage! Here’s a sneak peek: Over the past several decades, technological innovation has advanced so rapidly that it is hard for many of us... Read More

December Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

AFS Fisheries Information and Technology Section Executive Committee Meeting Minutes December 4, 2020 Attendees: Tiffany, Rebecca, Paul CFTC Development (Rebecca) Have a reasonable number and diversity of products. Can use this to send targeted letters to specific vendors. Rebecca to draft a letter Member volunteers to recruit vendors and encourage reviews (Kayla) Call to student... Read More

Need fisheries equipment? Nets? Software solutions?

Check out the brand new Center for Fisheries Technology and Collaboration, a searchable online warehouse of fisheries products and services! This is designed to be a one-stop shop for fisheries professionals and students. Brought to you by the Fisheries Info and Tech Section, American Fisheries Society, and its partners, the CFTC is a free service... Read More

Request for information about workflow documentation

Dear FITS members, I am emailing to learn about the software tools that you or your organization use to document your work flow as it relates to data cleaning, analysis, and reporting. Documentation may be for yourself, others on a project, or a wider audience. This request stems from my participation in the “Reproducible Science”... Read More

Introduction to QGIS | OFWIM Training & Education Committee Webinar

Please join us for the latest webinar presented by the OFWIM Training & Education Committee Introduction to Quantum GIS – A Virtual Tour of the National Conservation Training Center Thursday July 25, 2019 at 11:00 am PDT (2 pm EDT) Presenter: Don Schrupp To register go to This webinar will be an introduction to... Read More

Tagging a Hot Topic in Journals and at Meeting

Tagging is an essential tool for understanding fish movement, behavior, and growth, and the science behind telemetry is growing constantly. Two papers recently highlighted aspects of fish tagging in North American Journal of Fisheries Management: one evaluating tag retention, health, growth and behavior of Age-0 Musky following acoustic transmitter implantation and one focused on radio... Read More

Imagery obtained via drone of fish schooling

Use of Drones in Fishery Science

Drones are making a splash as they make their way into a Featured Paper in Transactions! The use of unmanned aircraft systems (UASs), commonly referred to as drones, has rapidly expanded across many scientific disciplines. Like other fields, fisheries research would benefit significantly from broader use of this emerging technology but has lagged behind other... Read More

Fishackathon 2018!

Fishackathon is a huge hackathon in dozens of cities around the world happening February 10-11, 2018. To see participating cities and get involved, please visit: Read More