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CFT Partners Who Will Be in Spokane

Don’t forget to stop by and visit with the Center for Fisheries Technology partners who attend the AFS Spokane Meeting next week! Big Fin Scientific: https://units.fisheries.org/fits/solutions/vendors/big-fin-scientific/ BioBase – Navico: https://units.fisheries.org/fits/solutions/vendors/biobase/ Biomark: https://units.fisheries.org/fits/solutions/vendors/biomark/ Central Life Sciences: https://units.fisheries.org/fits/solutions/vendors/central-life-sciences/ Duluth Nets: https://units.fisheries.org/fits/solutions/vendors/duluth-nets/ Echoview Software: https://units.fisheries.org/fits/solutions/vendors/echoview/ ETS Electrofishing Systems: https://units.fisheries.org/fits/solutions/vendors/ets-electrofishing/ Hallprint: https://units.fisheries.org/fits/solutions/vendors/hallprint/ Hydrolox: https://units.fisheries.org/fits/solutions/vendors/hydrolox/ Oregon RFID: https://units.fisheries.org/fits/solutions/vendors/oregon-rfid/ Smith-Root: https://units.fisheries.org/fits/solutions/vendors/smith-root/... Read More

What’s a Tech Talk?

A Tech Talk  is a fresh new way to check out solutions without the pressure that may come from walking through the trade show. FITS has worked closely with AFS Bethesda to identify a few vendors who wanted to share a really cool solution or product with you in a different way.  If you have any... Read More